My name is Walter Huaman and I’m a self-taught Peruvian artist with a passion for the arts ever since I can remember. An Industrial Engineer by trade I could never get away from what I loved to do and that’s why 12 years ago I decided to start making my own pieces. First it was to challenge myself, once I got proficient, my friends started to take notice and asked to commission their own. I have spent all these years honing my craft and today I’m proud to say I have a team of 15 amazing artists that help in the development of our one of a kind art pieces. From selecting the materials to hand sculpting the minutest details, we are committed to using the latest in hyper realistic techniques available, and that’s way every piece of finished artwork holds my personal seal of approval. We make sculptures (with realism or hiperrealism , using diferent materials like silicone medical grade), replicas and exhibitions , WALT WIZARD Hyper Style Worldwide .

Yo Walter , your work is beautiful , you make the wax statues look like a joke , Walter = Masterpiece = Real , nobody even comes close

Hulk Hogan



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jason david frank

Panama city, more than 3 hours in a photo and measurement session for make the hyper real life size statue of Jason David Frank as Tommy the Green Ranger.

Jean-Claude Van Damme